The Blank™ Comic Book Panelbook

The Blank™ Comic Book Panelbook

About Comics has created a series of comics notebooks, The Blank™ Comic Book Panelbook volumes are available in a variety of formats.

There’s the standard format – every page has six equal panels.

Order from Amazon: 63 pages of panels, $6.99127 pages of panels, $8.34.

The staggered format – every page has six panels in a big panel/little panel/little panel/big panel pattern.

127 pages of panels, $8.34 Order from Amazon

The graphic novel format – every page is a different layout, taken from actual comics

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The Blank™ Comic Book Gridbook

For those who like more complex layouts, these books are pre-ruled with light lines that will help you make the panel layout you want.

Some examples of the panel layouts you can make with the gridbook.


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Please note that neither the Panelbook nor the Gridbook are printed on archival or acid-free stock; these are meant as design and thought sketchbooks, and not as the final home for your masterpiece. Printed on 60# white stock, they handle pencils and ink pens well, but markers are apt to bleed.