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The term custom comics is often used to refer to comics done for corporations, with stories meant to sell sneakers or soda or ham radios. But they can be smaller, more personal projects, like this comic where the client was a proud mother wanting something special to celebrate the rite of her boy becoming a man.

Working closely with the client, we created a unique, full-color comic book all focused on her son and his world. We found an artist who could parody the style of his favorite comics, included caricatures of his family and beloved dog; took advantage of some of the details of his ceremony; included his favorite comic shop; and created a comic that could not have been done about anyone else, all at a price that fit within the client’s budget. The client was quite satisfied, and the star of the comic was surprised and delighted. download the entire comic for your own reading pleasure! (PDF)

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Clients reach out to us to obtain original work by comics artists, whether they have a specific artist in mind or just want some of the comics energy and style. We’ve brought them such talented and respected creators as Steve Rude,¬†For example, here are samples of art we arranged for our beverage clients:

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