Comics Creator Prep

ComicCreatorPrep_cover_640x960Where inspiration and spontaneity prime a comic’s pump, create a vision, propel it forward, and give it life, Comics Creator Prep raises the level of comics craft to give a creator the requisite tools to consistently realize that vision.

It shows creators how to use the tools in their comic toolboxes well.

Here’s what comics industry legends and pros have to say about Comics Creator Prep!

“If you’ve ever wished you had someone to walk you through the potential pinnacles and pitfalls of a career in comics, then Lee Nordling’s Comics Creator Prep is the book for you. In this guide to a plethora of perplexing situations you’re likely to find yourself in at one point or another in the world of sequential art, Nordling delivers a Master Class in the creative and business issues that confront pretty much everyone who’s ever tried to tell a story in words and pictures. Lee will help you avoid many common mistakes comics beginners—and grizzled pros, for that matter—often make. And for those times when you do find yourself in the middle of a thorny situation, his insights and advice should enable you to dig your way out faster and more gracefully than you otherwise would have.”
—Danny Fingeroth, comics writer, editor and historian; author of books including Superman on the Couch: What Superheroes Really Tell Us About Ourselves and Our Society

“There’s no one magic way to create comics, but Lee Nordling brings a lifetime of experience in strips, periodicals and books to a discussion of how to approach the medium as a professional and do your best work.”

—Paul Levitz, comic book writer, educator, past President and Publisher at DC Comics 

“I really wish I had been able to read Lee Nordling’s Comics Creator Prep forty years ago when I was a newbie at this comics lark. It’s stuffed full of invaluable information and useful advice about the craft of storytelling and using the medium to its full potential. I had to learn the hard way by spending years making mistakes! It covers everything from the placement of word balloons to the best way to pitch your story to potential publishers. And, what’s great about it, is that it
really hammers these lessons home.”

—Bryan Talbot, writer/artist Grandville, The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia, Alice In Sunderland, The Tale of One Bad Rat

“As someone who directly benefited from working with Lee Nordling, I’m glad to be able to recommend this book that shares his laser precise insight into what makes a great story in comics, film, and beyond.”

—Dave Roman, Astronaut Academy and Teen Boat!

6″ x 9″
Black & White on White paper
292 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1936404582
ISBN-10: 1936404583

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