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Here comes 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2005, showcasing 24 interesting stories chosen from the hundreds created on the second 24 Hour Comics Day, a big, thick, spider-womper of a volume packed with energetic, improvisational comics.

But dang, there is gonna be some fine stuff in this book...

  • Svetlana Chmakova, the creative force behind TokyoPop's upcoming Dramacon, spins a fine fantasy tale (created at Gemini Jetpack)
  • Chris Fason offers up a story of western horror (created at Kingdom Comics)
  • Lionel Ruland creates a little story... a very little story (created at Bad Moo)
  • Jens Schmitz's story starts with a man and a television standing at a bus stop... (created at the German Renate site)
  • Mark Englert deals with a man, a dog, and an apocalypse (created at Golden Apple)
  • Jett Atwood shows us a fun time at a puzzle party (created at Night Flight Comics)
  • Gibson Twist has a short tale of reflecting on the past (created at Strange Adventures)
  • Erin Mehlos spins "Squinker", a tale of a skate rat and a real rat (created at home in Wisconsin)
  • Shana Manion brings the advice column "Ask Miss Anthropy" (created at the Comic Alliance event)
  • Stephanie Weiler reveals a slice-of-life tale (created at Austin Books)
  • Gynn Stella translates one cat's spiritual statement (created at home)
  • Stan Yan puts on his dancin' shoes (created at Clockwork Comics)
  • Margreet de Heer chronicles her 24 Hour Comics Day (created - in part - at Lambiek in the Netherlands)
  • Lea Hernandez, known for such works as Cathedral Child and Rumble Girls, tells a very personal tale of her life (created at Austin Books)
  • Kevin Cannon delves into adventure on the high seas (created at the Cartoon Conspiracy event)
  • Quillan Roe brings a walk to the page (created at the Cartoon Conspiracy event)
  • T. Motley critiques Neil Gaiman's 24 hour comic via the comics form (created at Clockwork Comics)
  • Zander Cannon, known for his work on Top Ten and The Replacement God, has an unusual take on the private eye (created at the Cartoon Conspiracy event)
  • Denise McCabe reflects on mothering a teen (created at Acme Comics)
  • Enrique Martinez bares his soul (created at True Believers)
  • Faith Hicks lays down a silent fable (created at home, Prince Edward Island)
  • Ben Avery, writer on such comics as ArmorQuest, The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles, and The Imaginaries, draws out a classic western (created at Buy Me Toys.com)
  • Fiona Staples knows that no good deed goes unpunished, and shows it in her story (created at Comic-Kazi)
  • Lison Bernet tells tales from the kitchen (created at the Dijon, France event)

One interesting note: most of the selections were created by females. The traditional view of cartooning as a male-dominated interest is certainly being challenged by this new generation.

24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2005 (ISBN 0-9753958-6-6) is a 496 page 5.5"x7.75" paperback published by About Comics. It reached comic book stores in October, 2005. Suggested retail price is $24.95. The print run is under 1500 copies, so get one while you can!