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Back in 1992, writer Jeff Lang (Creatures of the Id; Grendel Tales: The Devil's Apprentice), penciler Ted Slampyak (Jazz Age Chronicles, "Annie") and inker Steve Lieber (Whiteout, Underground) set out to spin a new high-adventure tale. It took a few years, two publishers, and a mid-story inker switch to John Drury (Pendulum, Cat & Mouse) for the complete 125 page tale to come out, but come out it did... only as issues. Despite being conceived as a single, full story, it was never collected into a single volume until now.

About Comics is proud to announce that Roadways is now available as a complete-in-one-volume graphic novel. This book is the tale of John Neville, a man of science, born to the staid life of an academic. But when his assitant goes missing, Neville's search for her takes him to places he could never imagine, worlds on the other side of The Gate... worlds of monsters and mysteries, of tyrants in glass towers and nomads in the deserts; worlds where death by bow or blade is always just around the corner.

Roadways is a 128 page 6"x9" black-and-white paperback, affordably priced at $9.99 and available for immediate ordering through Amazon in the US and the UK. As with all new About Comics products (from 2012 and forward), Roadways is not being offered to Diamond for distribution to the direct market; retailers who are interested in carrying Roadways should contact About Comics at questions@aboutcomics.com for wholesale terms on this and other new and upcoming releases.

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