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The Liberty Project

created by Kurt Busiek and James W. Fry

About Comics is ridiclously proud to be reprinting The Liberty Project, Kurt Busiek's first original superhero series. This bargain-priced trade paperback contains all 8 issues of the series, plus the follow-up one-shot The Seraphim Objective, reprinted in black and white in a convenient manga size.

The series tells the tale of four convicted supervillains given a chance to improve their conditions by working as government-sanctioned superheroes. Busiek, penciler James W. Fry, and inker Doug Hazlewood take the struggle for redemption and filled it with space aliens, monster teenagers, police car destruction, and all kinds of fun. Fans of Thunderbolts and The Power Company should recognize the themes and style that are explored in The Liberty Project.

The members of The Liberty Project are:

  • Burnout, an angry, angst-filled youngster who can generate flames with a mere thought
  • Cimarron, a feisty, short-tempered Texas hell-raiser
  • Slick, whose name reflects both his slippery powers and his slippery personality
  • Crackshot, a marksman who is trying to become a straight shooter in life

The Liberty Project ships to comic shops in July, 2003, priced at $11.95.