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Where to find About Comics books and comics

While some About Comics publications are available at mainstream bookstores, you are far more likely to find them at a comic book specialty stores. These are stores that specialize in comics, and a good one will have a far bigger selection of comics and related materials than a bookstore.

To find a comics shop near you, head on over to the Comic Shop Locator Service. If you're specifically looking for an About Comics product, telephone the shop before you head over there. We are a smaller publisher, so many shops don't have the full line of our product in stock. However, better shops may be willing to order the book for you. (One suggestion that I will make is that you should avoid calling the store on Wednesday. That's the day when new comics come in and all the fans come in to buy 'em, so the clerks have little time to help out over the phone.)

Some About Comics products are available through online sources such as Mile High Comics, Amazon.com, and BN.com. Still, there's nothing like stopping by a well-equipped comics shop and seeing what you can discover!