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24 Hour Comics

    Over a decade ago, Scott McCloud (comics' leading theoretician and the man behind Zot! and Understanding Comics) came up with a creative challenge: to write and draw a complete 24 page comic book story in 24 consecutive hours. Since then, hundreds of cartoonists including some of the top names in comics have taken that challenge.

    Now Scott McCloud has edited 24 Hour Comics, an anthology presenting 9 of the best of these expiremental works. See what Neil Gaiman, Steve Bissette, and half a dozen others can do with nothing but a day, some art supplies, and a copious mixture of will power and caffeine. Each entry will have a new introduction by McCloud, who will also explain the history and rules of his 24 hour comic challenge.

    This book is, a convenient 5 1/2" x 7 3/4" package which will keep the price of this 240 page black-and-white book down to an affordable $11.95 US. It is now available in better comic book stores and mainstream bookstores.



Neil Gaiman
Steve Bissette
Matt Madden
Alexander Grecian
K. Thor Jensen
David Lasky
Paul Winkler
Jakob Klemencic
Al Davison