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About Comics presents 24 Hour Comics All-Stars

Creating a 24 hour comic – drawing a complete 24 page comic book in 24 straight hours – is a great learning experience, and not just for those who are new to comics. Plenty of established commercial comics creators have taken the challenge, and now some of the best of those stories are being collected in 24 Hour Comics All-Stars, a new anthology from About Comics.

Copyright Tone Rodriguez

The stories in 24 Hour Comics All-Stars are a mixture of important classic 24 hour comics stories and exciting new ones. Included among the classics is the very first 24 hour comic, Scott McCloud’s “A Day’s Work”. Dave Sim, who helped spread the word about 24 hour comics by publishing some of the earliest examples in the back of his award-winning Cerebus series, offers up his own “Bigger, Blacker Kiss”. (Mr. Sim is generously donating all of his royalties on this project to a major comics-oriented charity.)

New stories in this book include a science fiction tale from Tone Rodriguez, best known for his work on the Violent Messiahs and Snake Plissken comic books. The mighty Paul Smith of Leave It To Chance and X-Men fame took an unusual approach to the challenge, producing a twenty-four-page anthology of short stories rather than one longer one. Folks who enjoyed Paul’s one four-page tale that was included in 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2004 will now have the chance to read the full results of his work.

Copyright Paul Smith

The 24 hour comics challenge gives a lot of creators a chance to work on aspects of comics that they’re usually not seen doing. Just as Smith and Rodriguez usually don’t write their own work, Sean McKeever is known strictly as a writer for comics such as Mary Jane and Mystique. That didn’t stop him from doing his own artwork on a tale of awakening in a slightly different dimension.

The book is not exclusively big-name talent. John Peters, for example, is more of a cult favorite for his work on the all-ages comic Forty Winks. However, his 24 hour comic “Me and My Monkey: The Seven Pillows of Fate” can teach us all a valuable lesson about how to repel evil mime-bots, and so it is included in the book.

"We’re releasing this book in April to put it on the shelves in time for 24 Hour Comics Day 2005, which is April 23rd,” explains Nat Gertler, publisher of About Comics and founder of 24 Hour Comics Day. “Our hope is that people will read this book and be inspired to create their own 24 hour comics.” Further information on 24 Hour Comics Day and 24 hour comics can be found at www.24HourComics.com

24 Hour Comics All-Stars (ISBN 0-9753958-4-X) is a 240 page 5.5”x7.75” TPB with a color cover and a B&W interior. Shipping in April 2005, the book is available to the comics field via Diamond Comics Distributors, FM International, and Cold Cut Distribution, and to the bookstore field via Diamond Book Distributors.