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The campaign was a success and is now over, but the books are still available and the sales links below still work!

The books

The Jam: Beginnings

The Jam collection cover and sample art

The acclaimed original The Jam five-issue miniseries is collected in a trade paperback for the first time, in this black-and-white (as originally intended!) collection with new enhancements by Bernie Mireault himself. Plus, the original four The Jam chapters that introduced the series in the pages of New Triumph. Over 150 pages of comics greatness!

The Jam Super-Cool Color-Injected Turbo Adventure From Hell issue 2

This new, full-color, square-bound paperback starts off with the 38 page The Jam story “A Secret Bowman”, Bernie Mireault’s gorgeously-colored never-before-seen comic book adaption of his own prose story. Someone is shooting arrows into the citizens of Montréal, and it’s up to The Jammer to do something about it. But are larger forces at play?

But that’s not all. You also get another all new story, “Avatars of Adventure: Adepts of Arcana,” written by respected author and editor Claude Lalumière and drawn by Bernie. Plus the The Jam story The Chair is printed in color for the first time, and Bernie’s story Dr. Robot vs. Monster (from Madman #12) is reprinted as well. And then there’s a 6-page portfolio of color images in this 64 page issue.

To Get Her

In 2011, Bernie Mireault put out his only (to date) original graphic novel, To Get Her, telling the tale of the relationship of Gordon and Janet in the years after he retired being The Jammer. This 150+ page original story (plus appendices!) was award the prestigious Xeric Grant to bring it to market… where it got very poorly distributed. Most of you reading this have never seen a copy. Now it’s available again in 8.5″x11″ paperback, and for the first time in hardcover and as a PDF!

XVI Short Stories

This is a book that we put out a few years back, but we’ll count new sales of it toward the stretch goals anyway. It’s a collection of short stories by Bernie, and we should warn you that it has some overlap with some of the new projects — most vitally, it has the early The Jam stories from New Triumph, which are also be included in the Beginnings collection.


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