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 Yes, About Comics is the publisher of facsimile reprints of The Green Book, the Jim Crow-era guide that helped African American travelers find lodging, restaurants, and more in this highly-segregated nation.

Available in paperback are The Negro Motorist Green-Book: 1940 Facsimile Edition (5"x6.75" ; 52 pages) and The Negro Travelers' Green Book: 1954 Facsimile Edition (same series, they just changed the title over the years; 5"x6.5" ; 84 pages.) These books have a cover price of $8.99 apiece.

Cover for The Negro Motorist Green Book: 1940 Facsimile Edition Cover for the Negro Travelers' Green Book: 1954 Facsimile Edition

These wholesale to established retailers at $4.49 each, with free shipping in the continental US for orders of 11 copies or more. Send email to questions@aboutcomics.com for details.

In the segregated US of the mid-twentieth century, African-American travelers could have a hard time finding towns where they were legally allowed to stay at night and hotels, restaurants, and service stations willing to serve them. In 1936, Victor Hugo Green published the first annual volume of The Negro Motorist Green-Book, later renamed The Negro Travelers' Green Book. This facsimile of the 1940 edition brings you all the listings, articles, and advertisements aimed at the Black travelers trying to find their way across a country where they were so rarely welcome.

Why About Comics?

It may seem odd that a comics publisher is the one putting out these reprint, as there is nothing comics-oriented nor comical about these vital documents of America's past. However, the About Comics motto has long been "Publishing Things That Ought To Be Published," and the Green Book reprints certainly qualify.

While About Comics was founded with an eye toward publishing comics and comics-related projects,


The educational edition

These are lightweight pamphlet reprints of the full 1940 issue. They do not have retail markings (price, UPC code.) These are available at 50 for $125, or 100 for $200, postpaid, anywhere in the US.

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